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  ʹBȵĸλγҼȵλλɫxiaojie,ͼƬС˵,ŮοcNOüٹܾBӳɽyҼČwBȮȻͲaͬλ@ӾͿɱCBȲaΣȫĽ|늉粽늉ֹ늴}_֔_΢OҲкܴĺ̎Reinforced concrete structure of the building is the most potential to achieve the conditions, because the internal structure of most of the steel is naturally welded or tied together. In order to meet the requirements of lightning protection device, there should be a destination to connect the flash device and beam, plate, column and foundation reliably welding, binding or overlapping in one, at the same time and then all kinds of metal equipment and metal pipelines and welding or stuck in one, which makes the whole building into a good potentiometer. ?

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  •   ָӵЧĺÉġõĽӵЧҲǷ׳ɹҪC֮ҼÿBﶼҪ]ķNӵطʽЧúrJ飬䓽YĽBҎlrûAȵ䓽ӵbá_ҎҎėlAڷˮČӃȕrȦʽӵbãȦʽӵbAڻA۵߅x_B3m⣩ӵwAȵ䓽춾λͬr߀ɹʡMڻA깤τtӰ푻Aķԡ      Brick and concrete structure buildings, must do independent lead down and use independent grounding. When the soil resistivity is high and the earth electrode is used for a long time, the peripheral grounding device can also be used. Because the impact impedance of the circumferential grounding device is smaller than that of the independent grounding device, it is beneficial to improve the ground potential distribution in the building and reduce the step voltage. When adopting independent grounding method, it is best to drill a deep buried grounding pole (about 4 ~ 12m), which is easy to reach the ground water level and can reduce the amount of steel used for the grounding pole. ?  

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